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Photo Assignments: It begins

This past week, I re-habilitated a printer, started a photo journal and best of all I began following along with the Art of Photography's: Photo Assignments.

The first piece of homework comes before you dive into the assignments. It's a pre-assignment so to speak. The objective is to take ten to fifteen photos of something or someone you love. Then, print your photographs and put them into a photo journal, make notes, etc.

This assignment was a really important step for me: it provided me with no-brainer subject matter that would produce photos and got me to do something I haven't done much of and have been really wanting to do, something that's been rattling around in my head for ages: "Print your f'ing photos, you're a photographer!"

The subject matter I picked is my lovely partner in time, Jöyö. I took photos of her throughout the weekend as we walked around side streets and such. Later in the day I asked that she pose for me so that I could get specific angles and aspects of her.

When it came to printing, I struggled a bunch. I had a bunch of badly coloured prints, prints with huge lines across them. But then, with Joyo's help, I managed to tame the beast that is Epson and fetch some decent prints.

Here is the result of my first assignment, the print-outs were done on plain paper taped into my book.