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Photo Assignment # 1, Take 1: At The Beach

This weekend, I made even more progress on my printing situation, including calibrations, printing on "proper" paper, getting better detail, etc.

Note: I realize that the purpose of the photo-journal is not to have super perfect print-outs and that you end up making notes and such on them, but I feel like part of my process is to begin honing the craft of printing as a bonus project along the way; I will do my best not to let this side-project take over the actual assignments.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand, I had the idea to go to the beach and organize a scene [or many scenes] made of beach stuffs, photograph it, switch it around, and keep going around to see how many I could do. I also documented the process of the steps along the way.

What I found is that I had as much fun making the scenes [or sculptures] as I did in taking the photos. In fact I feel like this take on assignment # 1 might be a fail, because instead of changing my camera angle, perspective, lighting, etc, I just moved all the stuff around. Either way I feel like the result is fun and so I have kept it.

Here's what it looks like after I've cut up some of the images on my paper cutter and organized them by progression (top to bottom, left to right):